6/3/13 Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed this course far more than that of graphic and digital design 1.  Did I experience what I anticipated? yes and no. I was thinking we would stay in the photoshop format for a while and then move to free work, but that wasn’t the case; I preferred this more.  I definitely liked the self guided portion of the second semester much more than the first semester, but I enjoyed learning a new program a lot as well.  I would rate my teacher a 10/10 because he is very helpful when he is needed and has a keen eye for graphic design.  I wouldn’t change anything about this course if I was given the choice; I liked this course as is. Would I take this course again?  Of course, it was an experience I would not forget.  

5/24/13 Projects Update

ImageI have successfully finished my project revision for my poster and have begun my official work on photo restoration of the remaining pictures left in our room of the different sports teams throughout the year.  These computers are far too slow for a project this big, but I will push through. Tears will be shed.

5/17/13 Projects Update

ImageWell, the project revision is coming along nicely.  I feel as if there are too many points throughout this revision though that I feel as if my OCD is going to get to me.  There are so many little things that annoying me that I really want to fix, but they really don’t need it, it’s not a noticeable thing.  I can’t say I’m finished, however.  There is a little bit of color correction I have to do and a fair bit of position adjustments that I have to correct.  Other than that, I should be finished within the next work day.

5/10/13 Tutorials


ImageToday I have learned two very important pieces of information on Adobe Photoshop CS4.  This first fact is that if you are making an image with a very high resolution, compared to a lower resolution image, this file can take a considerable amount of time to save.  I didn’t know of this fact before I began working on these school computers which are considerably slower than my computer.  Another piece of information that I learned is that if you are working on two documents at the same time in photoshop and do not wish to switch to another window, you can go up to the top of the window and click this button to be able to view 2, 3, 8… windows all at the same time on one monitor.

Personal Poster


My Personal Poster.  This was not meant to advertise anything or display my characteristics visually.  This was just a little (actually quite large) project that I wanted to do before the end of the year, a big old poster with my name on it… How wonderful!  I think this poster turned out really well.  I came up with a neat little design on my sandbox Illustrator file and then just went from there.  I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy the end result of this project as much as I do now.

4/26/13 Tutorials

ImageIn this week’s tutorials post, I have learned how to do two things that I have never attempted to do before.  Firstly, on the left, I learned about 30 different ways how not to make letters using hexagons.  In addition to that I learned how to effectively make them using the size of the shape I’m using, as well as, learned that if i wanted to try any other method I would need to use a smaller shape.  On the right side, I learned how to make a certain style of layer design that goes in between yet overlaps objects, as seen in the picture.  This I learned through pure experimentation, but turned out very nice in my opinion.

4/19/13 Projects Update

ImageIn this week’s project update, I have begun working on a, what I originally thought would be a logo, and what is now a poster-like design.  This poster isn’t really meant to display anything in particular and as I work on it I feel as if it will soon be translated into something to display my name.  More is definitely to come; I am not done with this one yet.  Have no fear, I am planning on brightening it up too.